#leeswimstory- Nancy Edmead

I suppose you could say the River Lee is part of the story of our family.Granny Marie was born at popes Quay overlooking the river lee.As a young woman she met her husband to be, Joe a navy boy from Blarney.There courtship saw many a walk along the banks of the Lee.Going overseas to the UK for work, saw Marie and Joe returning with their children gathering at the home place in Glasheen.I was one of the Children and are summer holidays were spent at my grandmothers in Glasheen every year with many a trip to play in the lee fields.Eventually Marie and Joe returned to Ireland and settled in West Cork,where the majority of the extended family reside today.

Pictured: Nancy and her gorgeous Grandparents:-)

All the grandchildren have visited GouganeBarra with their grandparents ,a favorite spot of theirs.Their grandparents proudly pointing out this is where the River Lee Begins! and so the story of the river continues.Marie and Joe are both in their eighties now but have instilled a pride in their heritage in all their family. Thats why the River Lee swim is so important, its the link between the generations .In west cork in 2014 we sat around the table whilst Marie read the Echo looking at the Lee Swim.The majority of the grandchildren are swimmers and mad for the water.One day one of ye will swim that for me !  Nancy,  her granddaughter said she would.

Nancy Edmead was in the second heat on the day,very used to competitive swimming .On the day, the event was spectacular,the bright colours of the kayaks surrounded the shoals of arms as swimmers made there way up the river lee.The atmosphere was electric and was a sight to see.To our delight Nancy caught up with heat in front and came 4th out of the water ,with the fastest womens time overall and 1st women in a wetsuit.The congratulations and support were simply lovely .The trophy now holds pride of place in west cork on Marie and Joes fireplace. As Nancys Mom, I would like to thank all the organisers of the River Lee Swim for such a wonderful day.